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 Kennen Kennedy

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PostSubject: Kennen Kennedy    Kennen Kennedy  I_icon_minitimeMon May 06, 2019 3:11 pm

Personal Info

Name: Kennen Kennedy  
Nickname: Kenny
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Trainer Class: Ordinary Trainer. Specializes in Simian like Pokemon.

Appearance: Kennen Kennedy  3Uskx9s
Height: 5 ft 2
Weight: 145 Pounds
Hair: Chestnut Brown
Eyes: Sapphire Blue
Skin Tone: Tanned. Naturally a Olive Color.
Special Characteristics: Canines are more pointed than usual. Also a heavily freckled face.

Personality: Kenny can certainly be described as a wild child, and has been all his life. While he has mellowed out a bit from his youth, he still is super hyperactive and loves to get up and get out there. While this does lead to rash decisions on his end, he usually tries to be kind to people. He's pretty sweet with the people he cares about, and can be more than clingy to the people he loves. He does have some dependency issues, and doesn't have a sense of personal space.

He also has a short fuse. He is known to blow up easily, and doesn't take kindly to people hurting him or those he cares about. He becomes a lot more aggressive towards people who have either hurt him or the people he loves, and can get extremely violent if provoked enough. Most of the time he's able to hold it back enough to at least talk someone into submission, but he certainly have a record, and if provoked enough he will show why he has it.

Another major trait about him is how... perverted he is. He commonly makes lewd comments or jokes, and will check out anyone remotely attractive to him. He does respect other's boundaries, however, and if he notices he's making someone uncomfortable with his actions and he'd told to tone it down, he'll do his best to make sure that he doesn't make that person uncomfortable. He does care about people around him, after all.

Likes: He likes Nanab Berry flavored things, as he enjoys the flavor. He likes cute boys, due to his sexual orientation. He likes climbing trees and doing parkour since it keeps him active and he prefers climbing. He also prefers to go to the beach often since he likes to stay tanned.

Dislikes: He dislikes Nanab Berries proper, and other mushy foods. He has texture issues, and commonly gags on those types of foods. He also dislikes sports, since they commonly make him too competitive and angry. While he does enjoy activity, he prefers to do it on his own accord and not within groups.

Motivations: He doesn't really have much motivation besides just experiencing life and seeing what (and who) is out there for him to enjoy.

Fears: He is a very bad Cleithrophobe. He hates being confined or feeling trapped. Doesn't necessarily mean he dislikes small spaces, and if its cozy he's fine. He more hates feeling restricted, unable to move or do things he wants, or leave somewhere when he needs to leave.

History: Kenny grew up on the beaches of Akala Island, having a carefree childhood and not having a care in the world. He'd spent most of the days in his youth running across the tropical sands, or venturing into the Lush Jungle and climbing across all the trees he could see. There was something about it that just felt natural to him, and as he grew older he fell more in love with being outdoors and just being carefree.

Though, things changed when his parents relocated to Jubilife City in the Sinnoh Region when he was around 10. His father got a job offer on the board of directors at Jubilife TV, and this had him transition to a tropical island to an urban jungle. Kenny wasn't too fond of Sinnoh at first. The region was more colder and temperate than Alola was, and the city felt out of place fora child of the jungle. What was worse was that his parents enrolled him in the trainer's school there, and life in general was more structured.

He often got in trouble, either for getting into fights or climbing things he wasn't supposed to. He started to feel trapped in Jubilife, and start to get more and more depressed. It wasn't until he graduated trainer school that he was able to start going around on his own again. He didn't have an interest in Pokemon, they were cool and helpful, but he never saw the need to become a trainer. He was too competitive for his own good, and got extremely violent when he lost mock matches in the school. He almost got expelled for it.

He spent the next years of his life living with his parents and working at a human gym in Jubilife as a personal trainer. It was the good life, doing something he loved while saving up to do whatever he wanted. One of the people he trained was a Pokemon Breeder, who started to go to the gym to have more strength to handle their Pokemon. One day, they said that they had a surplus of eggs and offered one to Kenny. He said yes, thinking it may be a good thing for him. From the egg hatched a Chimchar, and the two became best buds. Once he was twenty, Kenny decided to travel the world as a trainer with his new partner Pokemon, looking for a way to see all the joys in life.
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PostSubject: Re: Kennen Kennedy    Kennen Kennedy  I_icon_minitimeMon May 06, 2019 4:29 pm

Lookin' good, approved!

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Kennen Kennedy
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