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 Training 01: Uh... What Do We Do Now?

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Training 01: Uh... What Do We Do Now? Empty
PostSubject: Training 01: Uh... What Do We Do Now?   Training 01: Uh... What Do We Do Now? I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 20, 2019 8:43 am

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After two weeks of begging non-stop, Virgil's parents finally gave him their permission to go out and be a trainer. Virgil got up extra early today, "Today's the day I get to start my life!" he thought as he slowly got out of bed. Trying not to wake the rest of his younger siblings, he grabs his cross-body bag that he packed the night prior and heads out of their shared bedroom. As he stepped into the hallway, a lovely scent hit his nose and then he noticed the light in the kitchen was on. He started walking to the kitchen and with each step the smile on his face grew more present, and upon arriving in the doorway he was greeted by a wonderful sight. Virgil's father was just pulling Bluk berry pastries out of the oven, Virgil's mother pulling plates out of the cupboard, and Virgil's younger siblings sitting at the table talking and laughing quietly between themselves. Virgil tears up, he drops his bag and runs to hug his parents tightly. After sharing a quick breakfast and saying his goodbyes, he is sent off with an extra pastry in hand. Virgil steps outside to where Olive, his Swinub, sleeps and gently wakes her with a slow pet on the head and offering of the pastry. With a full stomach and his partner Pokémon, Virgil heads off to start his adventure.

At this hour, Vermillion City is as still and calm as a large city can be. Virgil takes in a breath as he takes his first step into the world as a trainer. "The world seems brighter today than it has ever been," Virgil squats down to talk to Olive, "which way should we go?" Olive looks up with a questioning look on her face like she didn't understand the question. "Here, come on. Let me show you my dream!" The two started to head towards the Pokémon Gym. Being early in the morning, no one is battling yet, but Virgil still looks intensely into the building. "I want to take on the Pokémon gyms, will you help me do that?" Olive looked up at the trainer matching the intensity in his eyes, and the two smile at their new found goal. "First step is to train! Well I guess you haven't seen much outside of the cave and some of the town, how about be head that way," pointing in the direction of Saffron city, "so we can both see something new?" The Swinub seemed cheery responding with a ~Swii~, and the two started to head northward to explore. The pair passed by the Pokémon Center where they saw a bunch of trainers waking up and getting ready to start their days. Whether it was to train or take on the Gym, they all had a sense of purpose and drive. Virgil thought how that will be him for the next while and couldn't help but to let out an excited yelp, drawing attention to himself. He quickly apologized to those who he disturbed, and started walking even faster north with his face beet red.

Upon reaching the northern extent of the city, Virgil stopped causing Swinub to look confused at the young trainer. Virgil was stunned, it was his first time leaving the city and it was beautiful. The grass and trees were more vibrant than he had seen, the sky was clearer than he had ever experienced, the noises were more serene and alive than he had heard, everything was looking up for the new trainer. Virgil noticing the Swinub, put on a determined face flashed a thumbs up and started off. Looking for their first battle the pair were ready to start their adventure.
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Training 01: Uh... What Do We Do Now?
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