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 Guide 01: Obtaining and Leveling Pokémon

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Guide 01: Obtaining and Leveling Pokémon Empty
PostSubject: Guide 01: Obtaining and Leveling Pokémon   Guide 01: Obtaining and Leveling Pokémon I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 20, 2018 1:33 am

Starter Pokémon

Each trainer gets to decide which Pokémon they wish to begin their journey with. This can be any Pokémon that is NOT classified as a Legendary or Ultra Beast.

If you wish to roll for a chance of a shiny starter, please request through a staff member. They will then roll for a 5% chance of this occurring.

Capturing Wild Pokémon

Upon encountering a Pokémon you will have a few options. You can choose to leave it be, in which case nothing will occur, or you may attempt to capture it. This can be done in one of two ways, you may either attempt to capture by fighting the Pokémon and throwing a ball of your choice (as long as you have it in stock) which will result in the following chances of success :

1 to 1060%70%80%
11 to 2050%60%70%
20 to 3040%50%60%
40 to 5030%40%50%
Note: These are base chances where the Pokemon is at 100% Health, Chance will increase by the following values:
At 50% health = + 10%
At 10% health = +10% on top of previous (Total increase +20%, Max 100% Rate)

Fainted = 100% Chance to Catch as they can't fight back, however they will be set to -50 happiness.

Alternatively, you may with to attempt a less battle-mode method. In this case you may choose to befriend or convince a Pokémon into joining your team. This method has a much lower rate than simply battling and catching, especially when attempting to persuade higher level Pokémon, but does not require the user to use balls. Unlike capturing with Pokéballs that have a set rate, the chance for success will increase with each post over 250 words that you attempt to talk to the creature. The following is the befriending rates:

LevelBefriend Base Chance (%) Increase per Failure (%) Max Chance (%)Max Posts for 100%
1 to 1050251003
11 to 2040151005
20 to 30151010010
40 to 5010610016

Shiny Pokémon

There is a 1% chance that any Pokémon you may encounter will be shiny. This will be rolled by a staff member upon encounter and mentioned in the first post it appears.

Event Pokémon

Special Events can reward Trainers with a variety of items, including special Event Pokémon. These can include legendary Pokémon or altered variations of regular Pokémon that have special skills or stats.

Leveling Pokémon

For simplification ALL Pokémon within your party will receive the same amount of experience regardless of if they were used in battle or not during a thread. This also allows you to level your lower level Pokémon without too much difficulty. At the end of a battle with an enemy Pokémon or Trainer you will receive experience based on the level of the Pokémon you fought. Upon ending a thread you may apply for your word count to be tallied in the Word Count Experience Approval Thread a moderator will then tally up your word count and give experience to all Pokémon that were in your party during the thread.

Word Count: 1 EXP point per 50 words
Defeat Enemy Pokémon: 1 EXP point per Level of Pokémon (ie. Level 10 enemy grants 10 EXP)

Experience Requirements for Levels:

Friendship Counter
For Pokemon that evolve with happiness we have included this stat. This value ranges from 0 to 100.

For your starter Pokemon you may select the value from 0-100 as you wish, meaning it could already be maxed to begin with, however captured Pokemon are different.

Caught via Battling (Not Fainted) - Start at 0
Caught via Battling (Fainted) - Start at -50
Caught via Befriending - Start at 30

Each time your Pokemon gains a Level or EXP the'Happiness' value is increased as well as follows;

Upon Gaining a Level = 1 Happiness x Level
Upon Gaining EXP = 1 Happiness per 5 EXP
(eg. went from lvl 5 to 6 would give 6 happiness, gained 20EXP = 4 happiness)

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Posts : 164
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Guide 01: Obtaining and Leveling Pokémon Empty
PostSubject: Re: Guide 01: Obtaining and Leveling Pokémon   Guide 01: Obtaining and Leveling Pokémon I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 22, 2018 10:23 pm

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Guide 01: Obtaining and Leveling Pokémon
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